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The Law of Attraction can be considered one of the most powerful laws in the universe if it not already is the most powerful law. Laws of Attraction always in motion, in consent state of creation. Every moment of your life can be taken back to the very moment of the time before and the time that will become. The Laws of Attraction states that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give, you receive in return. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.

As with the Laws of Attraction, we are in a state of creation. We create our own reality with every moment of our lives. The future we create is based on every thought, consciously and subconsciously. Creation is never in a still motion, it is always moving, always forming, always working. Our future has already been in motion from the moment of our first thought. Daily we change the future; we change how our lives will turn out, how the day will end, and how we think our next thought.

The Laws of Attraction state that if we send out positive energy such as passion, love, happiness, and understanding, we will receive those in return. If we send out negative energy such as anger, hatefulness, and judgment, we will receive those in return. Energy vibrations will attract the energy that attracts the matter it is created in.

While we are human and the universe is a great mass that still to this day is unknown, it seems highly unfair that the universe as a say so in the way we receive energy or is it? While there are disputes about the bible, there is a lesson that can be received. We are created from a mass, energy, the very particles that make up an object into a whole. We were created from a thought. We humans began with a thought. We began with energy created by a single thought.  As the Laws of Attraction state, thoughts are nothing more than energy put into motion.

Let us go over the basics; we are energy. Pure and simple. We are made up of the same energy as the next person, as the stars, the moon, the sky, and the ground we walk on. Humans are walking and talking energy in the body form. Simple enough? Maybe not so much. Everything is energy. Energy cannot truly be destroyed. It is a cause and effect of itself. Energy is constantly in motion and never rests. Evenly present in all places, at all times. Energy is forever moving from one form to another.

We are connected. We are connected to everything and everyone. Our energy connects to the next person; affects those around us. Humans are a part of a larger energy as a unique piece. Each time we connect with a friend, a family member or a strange we affect the energy. If we give a smile, the natural reaction is to smile back. However, there are those days not everyone can smile when a smile is given. A small piece of energy is left with that person. It has made an indentation upon them. The energy we gave is saved inside the mind of that person. Whether they need to use it for a later date or if they store it for safekeeping, they have felt the energy, the connection we gave off.

We are magnets. Simple as that. We literally attract the things around us. The person beside you can be considered a mirror. If you are nice to them, they are nice to you. Hmm? There are those people whom attract nothing but negative energy. They push and pull against the positive energy around them. One can say it feels as though they eat our energy. Have you ever felt drained after dealing with certain people? It is not because you are weak. It is simply because they are a different form of energy. Maybe this is where the power comes in.

We are powerful. Simple? Yes. We humans are more powerful than what we want to believe. Look at what you have done in your life so far. The obstacles you have hurdled over conquered with a thought. It all begins with a simple thought. The most powerful weapon known to man is what we already have. It was given to us from the beginning of our creation. A thought. Pure and simple, a thought.

We have the ability to change our lives. We write our own lives second by second, minute by minute. What we do right now, affects the future. We have the ability to change and create our desired futures. There is an unlimited potential with the simple matter of a thought.

Thoughts are powerful, thoughts are things, and thoughts are mass amounts of energy. Everything we feel, everything we do, everything that happens around us creates a reality of energy that we reside in. We are products of our own thoughts. The every thought affects our body. How we react, how we feel, how we compose ourselves and how we treat others. The importance of learning is to think as positive as possible. Give rid of the toxic vile thoughts that plague us daily. Push them aside and deal with the positive aspect of the matter.

With the Laws of Attraction stating that, emotions are the key and they are a critical component. We have to listen to them, listen to the gut instinct. Listen to the thoughts that are bouncing around inside of our minds. Study them, question them, and simply ask…why? Why are we asking ourselves why? Why does this person make me feel this way? Why does this person anger me that this? Why am I happy? Once we are able to understand the emotion around us, the emotion that resides within us. We will be able to understand us better. We will be able to change the matter, the energy that is around us or will be able to keep the energy that makes us feel better and happy.

Is it that simple? A single thought can change the world, affect the universe, and hold enough power to create a reality that you want. A simple thought by the Laws of Attraction and the motion of the butterfly effect, which is one of the same, creates endless possibilities for us as humans. With the lesson of wisdom that we were taught from the moment of time, ‘Treat those like you want to be treated’ has enough power to change lives.

The Butterfly Effect states what we do, sets a ripple in motion that molds the future. Same as the Laws of Attractions, what we reflect, reflects upon us. Negative attracts negative, Positive attracts positive. You give a smile that smile is returned then later on given to someone else.

So with all these words that have been, I wonder why do we judge someone when we fight judgment ourselves? Why do we hate when we do not want to be hated? Why are we cruel and unforgiving? When we want to be loved and cared for by those in our lives. People for ages have stuck their noses up when they have more than another, looked down upon us when someone does not fined us worthy of their stature. Funny word, stature. By the Laws of Attraction and the Butterfly Effect, there is no stature. We are connect to all. That means the man standing on the street corner begging for your change is no better than you are in $1000.00 suit. We are all equally important as the next. We are all created from the same energy.

What we do today affects what tomorrow brings. Sending and receiving energy, passing and holding onto the energy, giving and trading thoughts, wishing and hoping of a better future. A better tomorrow. The Laws of Attraction simply state; give what you want in return. The Law of the Butterfly Effect simply state what we do today affects the future.

In the end, it does not matter of your color, your creed, your sexuality, your home, your job, your beauty, your body, your sex, or your stature. In the end, you are the same energy that walks around daily. The same energy that listens and watches; how you treat the energy that influences your body and your mind. Therefore, the next time you tell someone that they ugly, that their lifestyle is wrong, that being gay is a sin, that you are better than they are. Remember this, you have set the ripples into effect, you have butterflied the Laws of Attraction. You shall receive what you give out.  What we do affects all. Our words taint or build up someone. Our actions have a lifetime effect.

If you have taken the time to read, I say thank you, I am truly grateful. However, I also have a challenge for you, are you brave enough to accept? Today or tomorrow, spark up a conversation with a stranger; tell a woman or man that you would not normally speak with that they are handsome or pretty. Change one thing in your routine and see how the energy is affected. Smile when you feel like crying, laugh when you are angry, and if you are truly brave enough, give out a hug. Better yet, find the energy that connects you to person. I dare you. I dare you to be a positive effect. You never know you just might have saved one’s life.